Investment Policy Committee

The primary functions of the IPC include:

  • Creation of model portfolio strategies
  • Due diligence analysis of model portfolio and individual fund performance
  • New strategy design in concert with fund managers
  • Development of capital market projections
  • Oversight of fixed income group and fixed income strategy
  • Periodic review of top academic and practitioner finance journals
  • Leveraging AUM to reduce fund expense ratios
  • Training of wealth advisory teams
  • Monitoring of advisory team practices

Investment strategy decisions are set by BFWM our investment policy committee (IPC). This committee is set at 7 members and all advisors involved with BFWM have an option to be involved.

  • Most individual and professional investors underperform market benchmarks after accounting for investment costs.
  • Investors who happen to outperform the market in one period rarely repeat that performance in the next period.
  • The majority of investor focus should be placed on portfolio allocation design and the implementation of that allocation through low-cost, broadly diversified investment strategies.

Policy decisions made by the IPC are driven by the findings of academic and practitioner financial markets research and not by personal opinions of committee members. We believe three key conclusions can be drawn from this re- search:

  • Regular IPC meetings are conducted on a weekly basis
  • Semi-annual meetings with key investment managers
  • Policy decisions from these meetings are communicated through meeting minutes
  • Model portfolio and individual fund results reviewed monthly