Our Vision Mission & Values

 Our Vison, Mission & Values



Who We Are

Bright Futures Wealth Management, LLC (BFWM) is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in Pittsford, NY.  It operates as an RIA focused on delivering personalized, client centered service to our advisors who specialize in wealth management, retirement planning, financial planning and consulting. As a whole, the advisors at BFWM oversee more than $155 million dollars in assets under management.  BFWM is a privately held advisor owned firm. Our mission is to improve the financial lives of everyone with whom we work. We provide the latest tools and personalized support that are needed by our advisors.  This includes advanced innovative technology, multi-faceted back office support and compliance.



Our partners, advisors and staff aim to improve and enhance the financial lives of everyone with whom we work.  Our vision is to partner with our clients on their journey to a Brighter Future.



Our client's financial concerns and goals are the focal point to our business.  We create an environment based on trust and long-term relationships to help our clients achieve these goals.  Our firm is committed to always conducting business in the best interest of our clients. 


Values” Independent, Forward Thinking & Transparent

We are Independent

We are a Registered Investment Advisory Firm owned by our advisor and some employees.  We have no outside shareholders, investors or financial-parent company that we are beholden to.  This allows us to be fully objective when delivering client advise.

We are Forward Thinking

Our Team plans prudently for the future of our clients by working together to producing a positive effect.  We have the capability to comprehend and recognize our individual strengths and abilities to apply them to a solution by using our full capabilities, knowledge and resources.

We are Transparent

We take pride in providing unfiltered and unbiased information to our clients.  Clients always have full knowledge of their accounts, transactions, recommendations and fees.